Strategic Planning

Let STS develop a strategic plan for implementing technology to help you realize your business objectives!

Tactical Execution

Already have a plan? STS can provide the architecture and development resources to execute on your vision!


STS can provide end-to-end security guidance & protection! Don't wait until its too late and become a victim


Let STS run your technical operations ensuring high availability and cost effiencies

CIO/CTO as a Service

Shanker Technical Services is an consulting agency dedicated to helping you grow your business with technology!

Most small businesses enter the market without the technical expertise needed to take their business to the next level. They end up spending their precious time attempting to implement and manage technology rather than focus on building value into the company.

Shanker Technical Services was formed to help those businesses develop and implement there technical strategy, freeing owners up to focus on adding value instead of technical issues. Call it: CTO/CIO as a service!

Our Partners

We partner with industry leading vendors so that we can provide the best of breed to our customers

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